"At DataDelta we don't make your match engine;
we make your current match engine work better!"

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..."False-Negative" match errors = "Article 17: Right to Erasure" violations! Deadline:

Trust your Name/Address & Product match results!

DataDelta's patent pending "Big Data Match Accuracy Analytics" suite of diagnostic tools maximize match accuracy of your new or current MDM platform.

Since 2004 DataDelta's tool suite has helped Fortune 500 MDM projects optimize match algorithms for single or multiple domains - customers, patients, citizens, suppliers, locations, products, services offerings, accounts and more.

Save time & money using DataDelta as a pure consulting service. Our consultants can directly augment your team by using our tools for you, such as simply analyzing a copy of your data safely independent of your team and production environment.

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    WHAT WE DO: Ensure Success of ALL Your MDM Lifecycle Stages
    New MDM Vendor Evaluation

  • "Match Data Governance" - Identify & resolve conflicting business user requirements to ensure "Match Success Criteria" is properly aligned with business priorities.

  • "Match Vendor Bake-Off" - Compare different vendors' match results to uncover true strengths & weaknesses by enabling more rigorous analysis of dramatically more test data

    Maintaining Production MDM
  • "Match Accuracy Audit" - Analyze your *entire* MDM hub to proactively catch problem surprises before they undermine user confidence.

  • "Match Onboarding Audit" - Lower the risk from onboarding new data sources skewing your hub. Find & resolve problems before adding new data to production.

  • "Match Upgrade Audit" - What risk do you face of the next version upgrade changing your match results? Now you can confirm the version upgrade is safe.

  • "Match Fine-Tuning" - Fix match problems faster & more effectively by seeing full before/after results of your *entire* hubs even over +1 Billion records in size. Identify & prioritize problem trends while saving time of business users and data stewards.

    Migrating MDM to new vendor
  • "Match Vendor Migration" - Compare match results of the legacy vs new vendor for your *entire* hub to see ALL difference. And optionally configure the new match engine to generate results as identical as possible to the legacy platform.

  • "Match Platform Consolidation" - Finally you can standardize on a single vendor by configuring it generate results as identical as possible to all the other legacy platform.

  • "Match Custom Engine Replacement" - End nightmares of maintaining custom match engines by replacing them with standard vendor tools - configured to generate results as identical as possible to legacy custom match engine.

    HOW WE DO IT: Proprietary Big Data Graph DB Technology

  • Whole Hub Analytics - Our Big Data Graph DB architecture anables analysis of your *entire* hubs even over +1 Billion records in size.

  • "Match Query Language" (MQL) - Similar to SQL, our proprietary Big Data query tool quickly finds high-value match problem cases to identify & prioritize trends.

  • "Match Delta" Analytics (What Changed?) - See before/after match changes for your *entire* hub to uncover the full ripple-effects of algorithm changes.

  • Vendor Migration & Version Upgrades - "Match Deltas" also compare match results between different vendors, such as for sales bake-offs, vendor upgrades or migrations.

  • All Vendors Supported - Not just IBM InfoSphere but all vendors & even home-grown match engines can be analyzed & compared such as for migrations.

  • True International Data - International multi-byte Unicode data is fully supported.

  • SaaS Consulting - Save time & money with our consultants using our tools for you, such as simply analyzing a copy of your data independent of your team.

  • Augment Your Team - Our consultants can collaborate closely with your team or minimize distraction by working independently to just review findings.

  • Protect Your Project Schedule - Don't risk late, surprise problems delaying your project! We often work as a "parallel project track" helping to protect the schedule.

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